Camp Information

·       Camp runs Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm

·       We ask that campers arrive a little early so that camp can start right on time


Inclement Weather

·        If there is inclement weather pick up and drop off will be at the same location (at Johnston Green). Campers will be held in the north entrance of the Mackinnon Building to stay dry.


·        Camper drop-off and pick-up will be at Johnston Green

·        Drop-off parking will be available in the visitor parking, P44, in front of Johnston Green (Please refer to map on Page 9)

·        We ask parents to only park in this lot for a short time as many campers must be dropped-off

·        To Gain Access into P44 Parking Lot: enter by the College Avenue entrance

o    Mention to the lot attendant that you are dropping your child off for camp

Please bring Photo Identification to pick up your child every day, this is to ensure the safety of your child. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

We would like to emphasize the importance of the Sign In & Sign Out tables at Johnston Green as there are many children and camps at the University of Guelph.

  • 9:00am “Sign In” table – all campers sign in
  • 4:00pm “Sign Out” table – all campers must be signed out
  • Campers are only permitted to leave camp with “Authorized Pick-Ups” (Unless it has been specified they can sign themselves out)
  • Photo ID must be shown in order to pick up. Please have this ready at every Sign Out
    • Remind other Authorized Pick Ups as well
  • Phone calls home will be made if:
    • A camper does not arrive to camp in the morning
    • A camper is not signed out at the Sign Out Table

What Not to Bring to Camp

  • Please do not bring any electronic gadgets (e.g. Video games, radios, CD/.mp3 players, iPods)
  • Cell phones must be stored away for the day (either in the office or in a back pack)
  • The use of skateboards/scooters will not be allowed during camp hours
  • Please do not bring any trading/gaming cards (e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh! And Magic! cards)
  • Campers are not permitted to bring money for vending machines or cafeterias


Please check what is packed in your lunches – many campers are seriously allergic to nut products.

Your Child’s Safety
If a camper is bringing an epi-pen or requires medication to be administered while at camp we require a Medical Authorization Form to be filled out and handed in on the Monday of Sign-In. (We will also have forms ready on Monday Morning in case you forget)

·       Go to our website for the Medication Authorization form:

·       Please inform your child’s instructor of any medical concerns as well
If your camper requires special assistance, please fill out the Special Needs and Considerations Form.

·       Visit our website for the form.

·       Please inform your child’s instructor of any concerns as well

While we like to have fun and learn at Creative Encounters our first priority is always the safety of your children. All of our staff members are trained in Standard First Aid with CPR C + AED with St. John’s Ambulance or the Red Cross. In addition, all of our staff and volunteers all have Police Record checks.
Our instructors carry a list of emergency contacts at all times in addition to an updated medical record on our campers as well. The medical information on the registration site is also what the instructors are informed of on the first day. We have a strict no nut policy and can accommodate other allergies or medical concerns as well. Additionally, all Creative Encounters instructors are trained to deal with Epi-pen scenarios.