School Workshops

Elementary schools, middle schools, and even community events! Workshops involve a hands-on learning activity that in some cases can be taken home and the content follows grade specific learning goals and expectations from the Ontario Curriculum.

Workshops cost $65 per class (maximum 30) for 1 – 1.5 hours and $85 for the 3 hour Robotics 101.

Workshops are available May and June and are offered in schools that are up to a 40 minute drive from the University of Guelph. If 40 minutes to an hour, then must book at least 2 workshops that day.

Workshops are NOT available the week of May 22nd to May 26th and June 26th to June 30th (we are in Parry Sound).

*Please note that teachers must be present during workshops*

To book please email or call 519-824-4120 ext 53045


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New! Google Codemakers Workshops  – Level up with CS! (Gr. 1 -3)

Computers are everywhere, but did you know they power your car, your toaster, and even the games we play? In this Codemakers workshop students will recognize just how important computers are to making the world a better place. Students will learn how to speak the language of computers and are sure to become producers, not just users of technology! No computers required! This workshop has been adapted to fit all grades

New! Google Codemakers Workshops  – From Binary to Beyond! (Gr. 4 +)Comp Sci

Unplugged From Binary to beyond! In this Codemakers workshop students will use their math skills to de-code computer science! Each student will take home their very own item made with code! Zero, One, Ready, Code! No computers required!

Small Scientists (Gr. JK- 1)

Students will learn about different types of sciences while discussing examples that show how science is all around us. 656125_125Students will have a chance to conduct experiments while discussing the important steps required such as safety, planning, observing and communicating their findings. This workshop is designed to introduce younger kids to the basic concepts involved in science while showing them that science can be fun!

Curriculum Ties: Safety, Science Experiment, Types of Sciences, Materials

Enriching Our Environment (JK – Gr. 3)

Students will learn about different components of the environment and what we need to do to keep our environment healthy. We will orange-maple-leaf-hidiscuss how everything around us affects how we live and we affect everything around us as well.

Curriculum Ties:  Plants and Animals, Environment, Human Impact

Building Buddies (JK – 3)

 Students will have the chance to experiment and problem solve with different materials and designs in order to gain a
understanding of how certain structures have different purposes. There will be discussions on the properties of different materials and why they would be useful in specific situations.

Curriculum Ties: Structure and Materials, Safety when using Materials, Shapes and Forms

Make it Matter (Gr. 2-5) melting-ice

Students will understand that matter is all around us and that it can change states. We will show examples of chemical and physical changes while we discuss the differences between them.

Curriculum Ties: Properties of Matter, Physical and Chemical Change, Liquids and Solids

Kid Kinetics (Gr. 3-5)canstock3958453

Students will get active while learning about the different systems in their body and how they create forces to make movement. We will test and analyse our bodies by doing weird tricks that seem heard to believe.
Curriculum Ties: Human Body, Forces, Movement

Fun with Forces (Gr. 4-5)

 We will discuss different examples of everyday uses for levers, pulleys and gears while explaining their uses and functions. u2l2c7Students will learn about the different types of forces that affect structures and mechanisms and how energy is transferred in these systems. There will be a chance to build structures and feel some of the forces at work!

Curriculum Ties: Forces, Simple Machines, Levers, Gears and Pulleys, Energy

Let’s Get Energized! (Gr. 4-7) energy

Students will learn about different forms and sources of energy including heat, electrical, light and sound, and how they can transfer from one to another. There will be discussions on how our use of energy affects the environment and what we can do to conserve energy.

Curriculum Ties: Types of Energy, Transformation and Conservation of Energy

Mission to Outer Space (Gr. 5-6)canstock22807411

Students will prepare to go on a journey to outer space by learning about the different planets in our solar system and how they interact with each other. We will discuss key factors and characteristics of outer space while mentioning properties of matter and changes of states that occur.

Curriculum Ties: Space, States of Matter, Forces

Physical Wonders (Gr. 4-8)erlenmeyer-311360_640

Students will watch science experiments with fire, chemical reactions and fascinating occurrences while learning about how to stay safe and properly follow lab experiments in physical sciences. Scientific explanations are given during this exciting workshop that will have students eager to understand the mysteries of science!

Curriculum Ties: Physical Science, Safety, States of Matter, Chemical Reactions, Energy

Exciting Engineering (Gr. 5-8)


Students will act as engineers to solve problems and work together to build structures while following the engineering design process. In order to succeed, groups will have to consider the different factors involved and the forces that act on the structure that they design.

Curriculum Ties: Forces, Work, Structure and Materials

Environmental Engineering (Gr. 5-8)

Students will discuss the importance of the environment and learn about ways of protecting it through environmental engineering. Students will engage in hands-on learning design projects that teach them about their connection to their community.

This workshop includes traditional Indigenous teaching practices and content related to the environment.

Curriculum Ties: Environment, Forces, Materials

Electricity and Magnetism (Gr. 5-7) images (1)

Students will learn what electricity is while acting as electrical engineers to explore different ways of creating electricity. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energy resources as well as discuss different ways that we could control our impact on the environment.

Curriculum Ties: Electricity, Environment, Circuits, Energy Sources

Robotics 101 (Gr. 5-8) **THIS WORKSHOP IS 3 HOURS**website_robo

Students will learn about different robots and how they are used in society to perform certain tasks. They will explore the use of different shapes and materials to form structures when building robots using Lego NXT kits that will perform a variety of simple tasks. Students will learn about coding and programming as well as energy inputs and outputs in simple circuits.

Curriculum Ties: Simple Machines, Structure and Materials, Coding, Energy, Electrical Circuits


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